How You Can Use Facebook’s Secret Product to Market to Your Email List!

Every online marketer knows the value of an email address.   When customers give your business their email address, it means they have entrusted your business the permission to send them your messages.    So, what is the problem? The problem is that more often than not, the email is  interruptive to the user and the brand has just eroded some of the goodwill the customer has formed with the brand.

Now, combine this trusted permission and the power of Facebook and you get the picture.   Enter Facebook’s “Custom Audience” Product.

Here is how “Custom Audience” works.  Custom Audiences allows businesses to upload their email list to Facebook and communicate with the email list without being interruptive. Instead of emailing (often unwanted) to an existing customer,  ”Custom Audiences” enables a business to communicate to an audience without interrupting the experience. It’s a subtle conversation between the marketer and the customer.


At AppAddictive, we recently ran a custom audience Facebook “Custom Audience” campaign with a B2B customer, and the results were dramatically amazing.  Ask us about Custom Audience.