Facebook Launched App Center with 600 Apps

Earlier this week, Facebook officially launched the App Center, an online store similar to Apple App Store or Google Play. App Center launched approximately 600 applications, including software from Pinterest, Draw Something, Nike, and other games. The platform is now mobile and accessible through iOS and Android-equipped devices.

5 Helpful Marketing Resources on Facebook

  1. Facebook Studio: This page shines a spotlight on agencies and marketers who “are creating game-changing campaigns” on the social network, and shares their success stories and the steps they took to get there.

  2. Facebook Success Stories: Speaking of sharing success stories, this page offers multimedia case studies that give page administrators in-depth looks at successful campaigns, from inception to execution.

  3. Brand Resources and Permissions Center: This section of Facebook’s guidelines helps campaign managers ensure that they are using the social network’s logos and other images properly.

  4. Facebook Demo Tool: This application allows page administrators to see how their advertising content would look in the form of premium placements or sponsored stories before they actually pull the trigger on campaigns.

  5. Facebook Marketing Page: This page provides tips and guidance for marketers on the social network, as well as information on events, webinars, and new features.