Testimonials from Our Clients

“AppAddictive knows the social and mobile targeting and acquisition space better than any agency we’ve ever worked with.  They refocused our strategy from volume and rank to ROI and loyal users,  increasing daily downloads for us by 248%,  and increasing conversion rates by 149%.” —Alan Rambam, Digital Marketing Executive(Tribal DDB,Vonage)

“AppAddictive is the only suite of Facebook apps I use!” — Dewey Forbes, Sales Marketing Associates, LLC

“We downloaded the AppAddictive’s Static HTML app to easily create a welcome page. We didn’t want a landing page as such (just happy for people to go straight to our wall). However once you arrive at our wall, you will be greeted with a large ‘hello’ button just under our cover photograph. The AA Static HTML app made it easy to create a multimedia welcome using text and video. This made it simple for people to know more about us and to inform them how they can get involved.” — Green Square Growers

“For a lot of film-makers Vimeo is a great way to share video content in high quality. Downloading the AppAddictve Vimeo app meant we can have a one click app where we share our Vimeo content.”  — Matt Heason,  Heason Events

“Your platforms are great, and your newsletters keep us up-to-date on the ever-changing world of apps and sharing platforms. You allow us to do things that we otherwise would not be able to do. I know very little code, and I can manage my way around your apps with the little I do know. This is why I will always come back. I have a tight budget and can’t always afford the expensive apps or pay a developer. That makes you cutting edge and small-business friendly. Our web presence is ever-growing, and you play a direct role in that.” – Henry de Vere White, de Vere’s Irish Pub