Happy Birthday Facebook. What Does the IPO mean to your Business?

Facebook expects to raise $16 Billion through its IPO, securing its title as the largest tech IPO in history. In New York, there was an air of excitement, speculatio and questions. Most importantly, what does Facebook going public mean for you business?

5 changes to Expect:

 1. Better Ads: Ads are essential to Facebook’s revenue stream, which will have to show significant growth. Expect to see innovation in ads – new ad formats, better targeting and greater reach. Similar to Search Ads after Google’s IPO, Facebook Ads platform is in it’s infancy. Expect Facebook ads to show up outside of the Network and Mobile.

2. Paid Reach for Posts: With a greater focus on ads, it will become increasingly harder for posts by businesses to reach fan’s newsfeeds. Compelling and engaging posts are still valuable – however business owners will have to venture into buying ads to make sure they get visibility.

3. Social Media Marketing will Become Easier: The rise of Facebook created the Social Media Industry. With Facebook’s IPO – growth will breed opportunity and standardize best practices. Business managers will have more tools and options to utilize Facebook effectively and invest more money.

4. More Apps, More Features, More Fun: Facebook has to do something with all that money right? Expect more features that promote sharing and engagement as Facebook acquires tech companies such as Instagram. As cool features are added, you can look forward to more ad real estate and ability to streamline your social media efforts. There is a huge opportunity to integrate newly acquired apps into your marketing too.

5. Less Changes to Facebook: Do you feel like every time you login something has been added or removed? Facebook has certainly experimented to get it right. Now as a public company, they are less inclined to change products. That means managing your pages, ads and Apps will become easier.