We combine engaging apps and  precision targeting on Facebook. Acquire, engage and retain customers.


How do you know your Facebook ad conversion rate is optimized?

How does your Cost per Engagement or Cost Per Conversioin compare to your industry peers?

AppAddictive can give you an honest assessment of what Facebook can and cannot do for your business.   AppAddictive helps organizations and clients do Facebook Conversion Rate Optimization by using analyticalFacebook Ad Optimization and Facebook Page Optimization. If there is a fit, AppAddictive can manage your Facebook Conversion Rate Optimization and your Facebook Ad Campaigns.  We use our Facebook Ads API access to perform your Facebook Conversion Rate Optimization.   In short, we use Facebook to help clients acquire customers and conversions for businesses – whether it is customers, Facebook likes, Facebook Engagement as measured by People Talking About This (PTAT), or mobile and Facebook app installs, leads, surveys or contests or coupons.

We can manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns.  We can optimize your Facebook Page Tab or your Web Site Landing Page.   We use our proprietary tools and our access to the Facebook Ads API to perform conversion rate optimization. We use FB ad optimization to acquire Likes, Facebook and mobile app installs, increase People Talking About This (PTAT), photo views and customers.

We have written a couple of blog posts about this: Conversion Rate Optimization,  The Psychology behind Conversion Rate Optimization.

We use our proprietary tools and our access to the Facebook Ads API to optimize your Facebook ads.

Contact us so we can scale your Facebook Ad Campaigns and increase your ROI. You can acquire U.S. based fans, app installs, and leads inside Facebook with ROIs that are better than your other campaigns.  If you are a charity organization, please contact us and we have some interesting discounted programs for you.

If you are a search engine marketer looking for Facebook Ad Campaign expertise, we can complement your campaigns.

If you are launching a product and seeking to promote your word-of-mouth marketing through influential word-of-mouth with reach, please contact us too.

We are an approved Facebook Ads API preferred developer.

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