YouTube Video Gallery

We’ve rebooted our YouTube Video Gallery app, now with the ability to publish to your Facebook Timeline, publish playlists and so much more. Acquire and engage customers using our specialized Page Tab Apps to display your content. Great for businesses of any size. Agency partners welcome. Click Here to read how’s Facebook Page increased its likes to 86,000 by using our Youtube App.

Social Loyalty – Revolutionizing Customer Management

Turn your existing customers into brand advocates and gain new customers by rewarding, sharing and promoting social interaction. The AppAddictive social loyalty platform allows offline and online merchants to have a cloud based loyalty program that extends to Facebook. The first benefit to the merchants is that their loyal customers can share their activity on Facebook and bring in new customers and more business. Studies show that using social loyalty programs can save a merchant as much as 88% on new customer acquisition costs. The second benefit to the merchants is that the cloud based loyalty program saves the merchant a lot of IT costs versus desktop server loyalty program solutions. Fill out the form on the right to ask about how you can have a social loyalty platform today!


Transform customers into brand advocates by incentivizing and rewarding users on Facebook & other social networks


Loyalty is no longer just a retention tool. Gain new customers by rewarding,sharing, and promoting social interaction


Track, measure, and chart your loyalty program results on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube & Google+


The next generation of customer retention management is here and AppAddictive is leading the way


Our loyalty program is cloud-based. You do not need to maintain an IT staff or servers just to have a loyalty program.

Fill out the form on the right to ask about how you can have a social loyalty platform today!

AppAddictive Social Loyalty Platform Demo on Prezi