AA Customer Spotlight: Ghost Rocket Music

To kickstart our AA Customer Spotlight series, we interviewed Luke Danelon, President and Manager of Ghost Rocket Music. Luke’s passion for music and many years of experience in the industry has led him to his current mission: to develop Independent Artists¬†with the information & skills they will need to start competing and reach their ultimate goal– to get on a national tour!

What is your elevator pitch? (Please tell us what you do, where you are, how long you’ve been around)

Ghost Rocket Music is a global music community created by Artists and based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our mission statement includes three things:

1- to properly Manage the careers of very select Artists who we believe have the ability to cut through the noise and make a positive change in this world through music.

2- to educate and consult independent Artists, Bands and future Industry Professionals who are looking to learn the truth about how the music industry operates and what it takes to be a part of it. We do this through our “Grass Roots” program

3 – To provide a fun, educating and positive community environment of Fans, Friends, Musicians & Industry members, where we can all collectively share news and enjoy interaction amongst each other.

How would you describe the Ghost Rocket Music community? How do you keep them coming back for more?

I love our community here. To me, this is a breathe of life into me. I’ve worked at all levels of the music industry from promoter, to radio, magazine, performer, announcer, marketer, etc…and I was just feeling a little bit tired of the corporate structure. This communityhas given me the opportunity to express myself and LEARN from others, more importantly. I have already made some incredible new friends, whom I hope to enjoy company with for the rest of my life. This community to me is the freedom of expression and the enjoyment of a global mindset in our membership.

Why did you create a Facebook brand page and why did you download the AA YouTube Gallery app?

I created a FB brand page simply to serve as the public face for our company. We wanted people to know who we are and what our mission is. We use this page as a platform to both reach out and be reached by music fans of all kinds who feel that life is more important than math alone. We downloaded the AA app after an extensive search for the right kind of platform to display our video content. We have only been dabbling with video here and there, but plan on releasing a TON of content very soon from our YouTube Page. The AppAddictive YouTube app has been fantastic for us as quite simply put – it is the only App that works EXACTLY how we want it to. We went through at least 4 apps before we found you and I am VERY glad we were insistant upon being so picky. I hope that as we grow, we will be able to really start using the power of the AA YouTube app to it’s full extent!

How has the AppAddictive YouTube app (and any other AppAddictive’s apps you’ve downloaded) helped your business since you downloaded it?

Apps are key in regards to operating any business. Social Media is the vehicle of choice for the majority of online entertainment communications, to the best of my knowledge. Integration between platforms such as YouTube and Facebook for example, are absolutely mandatory to our success. We cannot have people going here, there and everywhere to get their news and entertainment. We wanted a 1-stop shop where we could do and say whatever we want and need to instantly. This app has been a major part of that accomplishment!

What advice can you give to other small businesses and brands that want to succeed in their FB and inbound marketing efforts?

To other small businesses and brands out there. My advice is simple. Be honest, work hard, LEARN and innovate! Know who your community is, listen to what people want and be yourselves. Using your true voice is the only way for people to know who you are.