AA Customer Spotlight: de Vere’s Irish Pub

What do you think of whenyou hear of quiz night, whiskeys and ales, goat pot pie and St. Patrick’s Day? That’s right… a boozy drunken night in an Irish pub!

In this week’s AA Customer Spotlight, we interviewed Henry de Vere White, co-owner of de Vere’s Irish Pub in Sacramento, California. Henry is a self-proclaimed social media geek and it shows evidenced by the community he has fostered and the thousands of ‘likes’ he has in the de Vere Irish Pub Facebook page!

What is your elevator pitch? (Please tell us what you do, where you are, how long you’ve been around)  

We are a family-owned-and-operated pub that has been providing an authentic Irish experience for our guests to enjoy for four years. We take pride in our design, food, spirits, ales, and most importantly, service.

What drinks/events/food/specials is de Vere’s known for? Why do peoplel keep coming back?  

Our service and homemade food are two reasons people keep coming back. As we like to say, “this is not your average pub food.” We have over 180 whiskeys (and growing), rotating craft beer handles, and a great selection of traditional ales. Weare also known for our St. Patrick’s Day parties, St. Baldrick’s Day fundraising events, and many more events. We are always trying something new and constantly taking part and/or organizing community events. We support the community as they support us, because we were raised to always give back.

Why did you create a Facebook brand page and why did you download the AA YouTube Gallery app? 

We are working on expanding our YouTube presence to help put a face to our business. Your app is easy to use and makes a great impression on people, because it is functional and clean. We are highly involved in all forms of social media, which helps us learn more about our guests and give them a way to get to know us better. Social media allows us to engage our guests in their lives, outside the walls of our business. People interact with people they know and like. Facebook and Twitter are tools that allow us to share with and engage fans, and we take it–and our reputation–very seriously.

How has the AppAddictive YouTube app (and any other AppAddictive’s apps you’ve downloaded) helped your business since you downloaded it? 

Your platforms are great, and your newsletters keep us up-to-date on the ever-changing world of apps and sharing platforms. You allow us to do things that we otherwise would not be able to do. I know very little code, and I can manage my way around your apps with the little I do know. This is why I will always come back. I have a tight budget and can’t always afford the expensive apps or pay a developer. That makes you cutting edge and small-business friendly. Our web presence is ever-growing, and you play a direct role in that.


What advice can you give to other small businesses, restaurants and retailers that want to succeed in their FB and inbound marketing efforts? 

Make your material unique and interactive. Social media is about relationships–you need to engage people and your community. Also, remember that not everyone can like you, and don’t take it personally. Just take it as feedback, find the truth in it, and grow from it. If someone has a bad experience or doesn’t like a post, it’s ok. At least they are telling you and providing you a chance to grow.